Write For Us Page

We love to hear all of your dating stories. It doesn’t matter if it is a happy ending story or a sad story or just something with a crazy twist and turn, you should drop us a line. If we really like it, we will feature it on the blog. You can write about just about anything you like. After all, in the world of dating, there are so many ups and downs and you really need to expect the unexpected. Thankfully, if we all work together, there is a bit less unexpected to deal with.

So what exactly can you write about? Well, there really isn’t too much of a limit. You do need to keep it as clean as possible. We want to make sure that people are able to enjoy the article without too much outputting material. If you submit a nice piece but it needs a bit of tweaking, we will let you know. After all, when there is a good piece in front of us we want to share it, so after some of those tweaks are made we will put it online and have it up there, ready for you to see and for the rest of the Internet world to read. We will also make sure the rest of the Internet world knows it is written by you. Want to make sure you receive all the props you deserve. So, if you have a good story or idea you want to post, just send it to us and we’ll do what we can to get it published online with our website.