About Page

We are here to help each other out. Sometimes we need a place to know that others have made similar mistakes, have been in similar situations and have to deal with issues that are reflective of our own. That is exactly why we created this blog and this website. We want to work together to help each other find the dating success we all want. Now, our final goals in the end are going to be different, but that doesn’t mean our initial goals are not the same. After all, actually meeting someone in the first place is always a good spot to start. To do this, we have brought together all of our collective minds to help produce blogs, posts and insights that should at least give helpful information to anyone and everyone who wants to hear it.

It is our plan to post as regularly as possible. We want to feature posts from the dating experts. Those experts who have either been through the ringer themselves, have studied human behavior and dating or have worked in the industry. If all of this comes together to help just one person out, we have done our jobs and will be very happy. Of course, we want to hear from you and other readers as well. We want insights from dating experiences, both good and bad. That is exactly why we are always open to guests posts. If it is quality work, a funny story or offers something another reader will relate to or learn from, we want to hear it and publish it.

So, that is basically about us. We are just individuals out there who want to help others find true love, their life partners or just get through that difficult journey we all call dating.