Dating Tips for Women: Kinds of Guys You Must Not Go on a Date with

Women who have the experience of dating are completely aware of the fact that there are some men with whom one should never go out on a date.

However, a woman who is preparing for her first date often does not know whom she should choose as her date. If you are a beginner in the world of dating or are still confused whom to entertain and whom to avoid, reading through this post is a must for you. In this post, we will be discussing the kinds of guys a woman must not go on a date with.

Couple_14144306530_mYou Should Stay Away from Momma’s Boys

How you will know that the person you are thinking of going on a date with is a momma’s boy. Usually, men belonging to this category do not leave their mom’s house even after attaining adulthood. Some momma’s boys, on the other hand, decide to leave in a house near their mother’s house; they do so to ensure that they can visit their mother’s place whenever they want.

A momma’s boy takes almost every decision of his life after consulting their mother; let it be deciding whom to go on a date with or what he should eat for dinner.

The biggest problem with these guys is that their mother always makes them dream of a perfect woman and it’s impossible to meet the standards of that perfect woman. A man belonging to this category also often has the tendency of comparing the habits of his girlfriend to that of his mother, and it’s needless to say these people do so only to demean girls.

men not to dateDon’t Pick a Muscle Bound Man as Your Date

It’s a great idea to go on a date with a man boasting a great physique. However, it’s never a good idea to pick someone who is obsessed with his body to go on a date with. If you pick a muscle-bound man as your date, he will never be able to play the role of a perfect boyfriend; he will just be a perfect trophy you can show off.

Avoid Workaholics

The obvious reason behind this instruction of ours is that it is better to not go on a date than going with a workaholic. If the man you have picked is a workaholic, he will surely spend most of the time chatting over the phone or looking at his laptop even when on a date. We know no girl on this planet will love spending time with such men.

Hope above dating tips for women would be helpful for a date.






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