The Understanding: Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits is an arrangement that works perfectly for some people and horribly for others. Friends with benefits generally fails because someone wants the relationship to be more than what it currently is, also referred to as, “catching feelings”. Here are a few things people need to understand about friends with benefits.

COUPLE_16123945467_lUnderstand the Agreement

Every friends with benefits relationship is different. The good news in this situation is you and your partner set the terms. There are understood rules of this relationship that are universal for all situations like these, but for the most part, you and your partner set the rules. Once you understand the agreement, it’s less likely you will be hurt or disappointed.

Play by the Rules

As long as you and your partner play by the rules, there should not be any issues. The rules you and your partner set are the ones you go by for the relationship. Whether you are the male or female in the relationship, one does not have more of a say than the other. Like any other relationship or arrangement, things should be even, unless stated otherwise.

Do Not Overstep Your Boundaries

Boundaries are a major factor in this type of relationship. When you overstep your boundaries, the relationship and friendship can take a turn for the worst. Both parties need to keep in mind that this is an arrangement, and the male nor the female has any duties or titles, such as boyfriend and girlfriend. A lot of people who are in this situation lose the arrangement because they overstep their boundaries and it causes problems.

image of a coupleDon’t “Catch Feelings”

Friends with benefits ends in disaster when one party catches feelings. In the beginning, things may be heaven, but quickly turn into something sinister when someone catches feelings. Catching feelings is one of the worst things someone can do while in a friends with benefits relationship. Both parties are supposed to remain as friends while exploring the sexual aspect of their relationship without labeling each other as their boyfriend or girlfriend, or significant other. Some people do not want to be in a relationship, they just want a sexual partner, and friends with benefits is the ideal relationship for a person who desires this type of arrangement.

Know When to Leave the Situation

One of the best things you can do in this situation is know when to leave. If you feel yourself starting to catch feelings and want something more from the relationship, it is in your best interest to back away from the relationship and end it. If you feel your partner is seeking something more from the relationship, you should leave while you both are still friends and never go down this path again.

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