Taking the Next Step in Your Relationship

So you and your special someone have decided that you want to go further with your relationship, but you’re not sure how? Well, here are some handy ideas to jumpstart that!

10. Keep things fun and exciting – One of the best ways to kill off a good relationship is to let things slip into the realm of mundanity. Doing the same thing, or doing what appears to one or both of you to basically be doing nothing, makes people feel trapped, and can see you out of a relationship just as fast as you were in one.

9. Meet the parents/Introduce them to your parents – This is not necessarily a great idea for everyone, but if you both think that you’re ready to meet each other’s respective family, then I’d say go for it.

8. Be polite – While you don’t want to be a doormat, it’s important that you treat them well. Making them feel like this relationship is one built on equality is going to make them feel safer and more comfortable to be with you.

7. Be respectful – Understanding the needs of your partner is paramount to a good relationship. Listening, learning, and compromising with your partner will go even further to make the relationship feel equal.

6. Be yourself – Unless “yourself” is a terrible person, being yourself is a sure fire way to get a relationship going. While being someone you’re not can lead to a successful date, the deception quickly breaks away. Being yourself ensures that you don’t have to worry about damage control when your partner discovers things about you that you felt you needed to hide.

5. Don’t be nervous – Like an animal can smell fear, a partner can smell shaky nerves. While they may not decide to leave you because you have nervous tendencies, on a subconscious level, a lack of confidence can cause you to appear to be less attractive.

4. Don’t smother too much – Smothering can be annoying, and it’s often seen as someone being far too desperate to get approval. Giving a fair amount of distance will help your partner maintain their freedom and independence and not feel like they’re joined at the hip.

3. Don’t be too distant – On the other hand, too much distance can kill a relationship just as easily. If you aren’t attentive enough, they can feel shunned, ignored, or perhaps lose interest and get tired of waiting for you constantly.

2. Don’t rush things – Rushing a relationship can make people feel like they are out of control, and losing control is rarely a fun experience.

1. Don’t force things – Worse yet than that is trying to be forceful. If you truly love someone, you must earn their love by letting them discover their feelings for you.

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Datingmish, like many other individuals of his age, have suffered through relationships that just didn't seem to go anywhere. He tried the online dating world and while he did make a few friends here or there. That is where Datingmish decided to come up with this blog. he started to write about his times, about his dates and about the experiences he had. From there, other individuals took notice of what he was doing and decided they wanted to help out.

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