How to Steer a Rocky Relationship Away From the Oncoming Cliff

Couple_14459698314_lIt happens to a lot of people – as much as you two may want to keep the relationship going,. you two might just feel that the spark is no longer there cialis online without prescription. Here are some 10 tips to rekindling your cool relationship.

10. Think about what you both could do right – The first step to fixing a relationship is to try and think of ways to make things right. If you feel that your relationship isn’t fun, make it fun. If you feel that there’s too much distance, get closer. Often, it’s more about what you’re not doing than what you are.

9. Think about what you two are both doing wrong – On the other hand, sometimes a relationship’s failure is related to one or both partners explicitly doing something wrong in it. This can range from emotional abuse to physical abuse – neither of which has any place in a healthy relationship, and both of which are wrong.

8. Talk it out and form a plan of action – Once you have sussed out the problems, the next step is to talk it out with your significant other and discuss ways to fix it, or if it’s even fixable. It’s never good to try and force a relationship to work – if you are not confident that you truly love your partner (or vice versa), all you do is delay the inevitable, and waste both of your time that could be spent on finding someone who fits you better.

7. Be spontaneous – A spark can be very surprising, so it makes sense that a little spontaneity can go a long way. Giving your partner a gift, taking them out, or whatever, all of these have a lot of great potential.

6. Be exciting – Another way to rekindle that spark is to show them a part of yourself that they – and perhaps even you – did not know existed. Take them bungee jumping, or sky diving, or learn a new talent like painting!

5. Be supportive – Most importantly, supporting your partner is paramount. Even if that means letting them go, you need to allow your partner to decide for themselves whether they want the relationship to continue.

3. Renew your wedding vows – Renewing your wedding vows can have a deep emotional impact on the both of you.

4. Relationship counseling – This is often a last resort, but it can work wonders. A counselor is specifically trained to figure out the problems of your relationship.

2. Remind your partner of the good times – Reminding them of the good times can be a good way to bring the good times into the present.

1. Give your partner some new good times – However, making new experiences for them to enjoy is one of the best things that you can do.

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