Saying I’m Sorry


Let’s face it, relationships just make life more enjoyable. However, one person in the relationship (typically the man) may do something to cause a rift. Fortunately there are gifts available which say please forgive me after you’ve done something you regret.

Top Ten Forgive Me Gifts

#5 Tickets

This is a great gift to give to a man or a woman. If the female seeks forgiveness, she can give her man tickets to a live sporting event. Likewise, a man can give his lady tickets to a ballet or the opera, but be warned. Giving tickets may involve going to see the event with your significant other. However, this is a small price to pay to be forgiven by someone whom you’ve wronged.

#4 Jewelry

Nothing says please forgive me like jewelry. Best of all, the jewelry doesn’t’ have to be very expensive. There are a lot of nice pieces available for both men and women that cost little more than $100. However, having a custom piece of jewelry made says a lot more, and it goes much further to get you back into the person’s good graces.

#3 A Home Cooked Meal

Saying I’m sorry doesn’t’t have to be expensive, and a nice meal goes a long way to say I desire your forgiveness. You don’t even have to be a great chef, because there are so many great recipes online. If you really want the evening to be special, you should consider a nice Italian meal. Remember, white wines compliment white sauces and red wines compliment red sauces. By the end of the evening, you’ll both be too tipsy to remember why you were upset.

#2 An Apologetic Card

if you’re going to give your better half a greeting card, you’ll want to take the time to pick out something heartfelt. Choose a card that truly conveys your feelings and add a few special words that express your remorse. You might be surprised how much good can be done by a gift card.

#1 A Face to Face Apology

Nothing will get you forgiven like saying I’m sorry. You can’t just yell it out like a ridiculous cliche, you have to say it and mean it. Look your better half in the eyes and tell him or her how bad you feel for committing the indiscretion. Don’t rehearse what you’ll say, and relay your feelings as they come to you. Be humble and admit that you were wrong and let your better half know that it will never happen again. Tell him or her how bad it hurts you to know that you damaged the relationship. All the gifts in the world mean nothing if you’re not truly remorseful for what you did wrong.

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