10 Dishes to Never Serve Your Guests at Your Wedding Reception

When planning a wedding reception, you gotta make sure that only the best is being enjoyed by your guests. Here are some handy ideas for things to NEVER have at your reception!

10. Anything you’ve not already verified as delicious first – You want people to have warm memories (of a full stomach), so making sure that the food you choose is actually good is an important first step.

9. Meat (for vegetarians) – You need to be considerate of everyone, so if you suspect that you might have vegetarian friends, an overuse of meat food might make them feel alienated, and make them have a bad time.

8. Vegetables (for carnivores) – On the other hand, a person who has a penchant for a juicy steak might feel left out if you don’t have good meat options. A nice balance to please both of these people is essential.

7. “Ethnic” food – Unless you or the person who prepared this food is of a specific ethnicity, it might just be best to avoid food of that ethnicity. If not done right, or if too poorly emulated, it can feel insulting to people of that ethnicity who may even be at your reception. It’s kind of like using chopsticks when you don’t know how – just use a fork! Stop turning other cultures into punch lines or “neat things” to try.

6. Canned food – Canned food can be an alright meal if you’re just looking for something to toss into the microwave or onto the stove, but unless you can’t afford more, do better!

5. Doritos platter – Doritos get special mention because please don’t have Doritos at your reception. This is a special moment, not a frat party, after all!

4. Junk food – Having junk food at a wedding reception is not bad on its face, but if over-emphasized, it can really make your reception feel trashy and tawdry. It’d be like bringing your family to a fast food joint as your wedding reception! Speaking of…

3. McDonald’s (or other fast food options) – No, just don’t. A Big Mac may be okay, but when people go to your reception, the very last thing you should EVER do is make it feel like they’re going through a fast food drive thru. It makes it feel cheap and effortless, and that’s the LAST thing you want your reception to radiate.

2. Foods that people are often allergic to – Unlike the others, this is a matter of safety, not taste. Even if your best friend with the nut allergy didn’t partake in your home-made peanut butter cookies, that shit travels – it’s easy as heck for your friend to fall victim without even trying.

1. Soylent green – Not only is it unappealing, unpalatable, and generally boring, soylent green is people.

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